Every great design begins with an even better story." -- Lorinda Mamo, designer

The Wondrous Dice Tray

Basically +2 To All Dice Rolls...

US$80.00 shipped (continental U.S. shipping only)

Made of domestic (U.S.A.) hardwoods using sturdy, simple joinery, these dice trays are sure to enhance your dice rolling experience.

While I guess I can't actually guarantee higher rolls, I'm confident these trays will add enjoyment to whatever game you play with them.

Wiped with a minimal oil and furniture wax finish, no dyes or stains are used. This enhances the natural color and grain of the wood and results in a very pleasant-to-the-touch surface.

If you'd like to request a different wood type or liner color than what is listed in the options below, use the "Custom" choice and I'll follow up with you. While I do have access to many different wood types, I can't guarantee your custom choice will be available. There will be an additional charge for custom wood types.

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